Irwin Mitchell business development training

The opportunity

As the largest full-service law firm in the UK, Irwin Mitchell wanted to bring their whole business together across legal teams to provide an integrated approach and solutions to clients.

They were looking to strengthen their client-facing teams with greater capability and confidence to take an active role in the growth of the business, drive more opportunities and referrals, and ultimately to deliver an exceptional client experience.

The solution

Through weekly meetings, we worked with Irwin Mitchell leaders across the business to understand each legal team’s unique situation and challenges, reviewing their documentation and processes along the way.

With this insight, we created a fully tailored training programme based on the psychology of persuasion, how to build connections and drive new business, strategies to bounce back from setbacks, and techniques to craft a confident voice to pitch more effectively.

We launched a pilot programme with a select group of individuals, which allowed us to further tailor the workshops with Irwin Mitchell leaders before launching it to the rest of the business. 

Individuals completed an initial self-reflection assessment, and set actions at the end of each workshop, to continually review throughout their learning journey. 

Following the programme we designed a bespoke business playbook containing insight and tools, for attendees and the wider team to refer to, ensuring everyone were able to build their own book of business.

The impact

Individuals were able to collaborate more effectively and adopt a consistent and exceptional approach to business development across legal teams.

The programme also gave an opportunity for teams to embed the practical tools shared with existing processes, in order to influence a cultural shift and boost their operational efficiency.

This has helped Irwin Mitchell to maximise their competitive advantage and continue being a leading responsible business.

recommend the training

Average programme rating (/5)

average increase in pitching confidence

I have been on a lot of business development trainings in my life and this is one of the best sessions I have ever been to

Faye Bargery, Partner