When your people thrive,
so does your business

Create positive
lasting impact

We drive growth and behaviour change through solutions rooted in psychology.

We empower your people to achieve more, think differently and energise them with fresh ideas and perspectives.

We enhance your social and environmental impact: by working with us you directly contribute to donating 20% of our profit to charity.

How we transform cultures

We help you drive change

We help people transform how they think and work, with a real focus on initiating and supporting long term behavioural change.

To do this, we gather insight and benchmark your business to identify focus areas and share recommendations.

Based on this, we design and deliver workshops and coaching built on psychological principles. All our sessions are interactive and based on practical tools.

We also create embedding strategies with you to ensure long-lasting behaviour change.

More on who we are

Our expertise

Create lasting change

Develop your team’s skills and confidence to achieve more through tailored and practical training and coaching.

Culture transformation

Build your values, embed the right behaviours and create an inclusive culture to empower every individual to do their best work.

Inspire your team

Equip your leaders with the skills, confidence and tools they need to inspire and lead high performing teams.

A few of our success stories

Higson hits the right balance between a 'professional consultant' and more of a relaxed facilitator of discussion - this generates a culture of openness which means that I feel comfortable to be more open and direct when contributing.

Thalia Ilsen Nunn, Associate

Every single person has sung your and the team's praises, even the most difficult individuals. They said how professional and excellent your training was. Well done your team have done an incredible job. I am looking forward to working with you next year, and the year after that and the year after that.

Sarah Soar, CEO

Thank you all for your wisdom, generosity of spirit and your great support as a team. We are better, richer and wiser for your input and help.

Rachel O’Connor, Director

Higson's support has led to Cool Earth securing another successful donor.

Nog Sawdon, Trusts Manager

Certified B Corp

As a Certified B Corporation, we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

Find out more about what it means to be a B Corporation below.

Read more about B Corps

Profits to charity

We donate 20% of our profits to our two key charity partners, Free to Be Kids and Cool Earth.

Learn more about our work and what we have accomplished in our 2023 impact report below.

Read our 2023 impact report

Higson Foundation

We have an annual pro-bono programme open to individuals who would not otherwise have access to personal development and coaching.