Written by Higson

Working remotely: keeping your employees engaged and motivated

19th March, 2020   •   2 min

With most of your employees working remotely it can be difficult to keep on top of what they are doing. Are they being productive, engaged, adding value? 54% of people find working alone demotivating and often get less done.

There are two key risks of a demotivated workforce:

  1. They are costing you money without adding value
  2. They leave due to lack of engagement and motivation

One-to-one coaching can significantly reduce both of these risks.

Firstly, coaching engages your workforce so they add value

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of motivating and engaging your employees. Why?

  • 70% of individuals receiving coaching see improved work performance
  • 80% report increases in their self-confidence
  • 69% say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were more appreciated

Yet, 77% of companies don’t currently provide adequate coaching for their people.

This is despite the fact that coaching has been shown to improve revenue and profits by 20%.

Secondly, coaching engages your workforce so they don’t leave

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if they were involved in a coaching programme. Turnover of employees costs the UK £4 billion every year. But this is preventable.

Thirdly, employee engagement is now more crucial than ever

Gallup found that companies with a highly engaged workforce recovered from the recession in 2008 significantly faster than companies who didn’t take employee engagement seriously. Now that we are faced with financial uncertainty once more, it’s important to think about the measures we can take to protect our people.

The answer is to invest in a coaching programme for your employees.

Coaching directly leads to an increase in employee engagement which leads to improved productivity, happiness and profitability. Furthermore, 86% of companies report that they saw the return on investment on their coaching spend.