Building a solid foundation for S-RM’s sales process

The challenge

Hal, an associate director at S-RM, wanted a fresh sales approach. S-RM are a global intelligence and cyber security consultancy that had traditionally relied on key partners to bring in new business. They wanted to change this dynamic. Hal’s goal was to build a sales team who were focused on finding and winning new prospects. The problem was there no clear meeting process or prospecting plan.

The solution

We worked with Hal to design and build a tailored end-to-end sales process. We advised on a more effective way to approach new clients, and how to uncover their motivations during meetings. This gave him a strong foundation from which to grow the sales team and a renewed confidence in how he was presenting S-RM to prospective clients.

The impact

Some of the impact we have had:

  • Equipped SRM with a clear prospecting plan
  • Embedded a tailored meeting process
  • More clients won
Higson took a measured and personable approach and tailored it to what is quite a multi-faceted and tricky sector. The results have been a solid foundation from which to grow that sales team, and win new clients through various important but simple steps. I certainly hope to hope to work with Higson again as our sales team and business grows.

Hal Waldroper, Senior Associate