Enhancing client communication and business development at ARC

The challenge

ARC were experiencing a period of business growth and successfully bringing on new clients. There was a need for the team to take on more client-facing responsibilities. The nature of their work involved advising on investment performance and the team were required to share lots of data with clients. This made it a challenge to convey their value proposition in a simple and engaging way. Their ultimate goal was to improve client communication and increase business development skills to win more work.

The solution

Higson designed a bespoke training programme for ARC that consisted of both virtual and in-person workshops. Topics included how to plan and run effective client meetings, communicate your value proposition in an engaging way, how to handle client objections, and give compelling presentations. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss tailored case studies and plan how to adapt their communication based on different client profiles.

The impact

recommend the training

increase in confidence finding and converting new prospects

increase in feeling they had tools and processes to run excellent sales meetings