Developing motivating values for Sunset + Vine

The challenge

A fast growth business, wanting to make a positive impact with their work and aligning everyone across the business in the same direction. They didn’t yet have any values in place to motivate, empower and inspire the team to achieve more together.

The solution

By gathering insight from across the whole business, we developed a set of inspirational values that everyone believed in. We worked with the leadership team to embed these values across Sunset+Vine, defining the behaviours that sit below each value.

The impact

The values now influence everything Sunset+Vine do. They influence how to approach work, who to work with, along with how to look after their people and the planet. These values have brought immediate value to employee engagement, recruitment and winning new work.

When business is thriving and everyone is busy it’s sometimes hard to take a step back and work out how to be better and improve things. Higson took us on that step back and reset our thinking right across our business. It has been a hugely refreshing exercise and one that has benefitted not just the individuals who were directly involved but the overall Sunset+Vine team too.

Andrew Preece, Executive Director

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