Developing agile leadership with Hawksmoor

The challenge

Ian had been tasked with building a new team at Hawksmoor Investment Management. The challenge was that he had not managed a team in 15 years. So he wanted to refresh his skills, improve his confidence and learn about cutting edge leadership strategies.

The solution

We worked closely with Ian to help him deepen his understanding of himself as a leader and engage his team. We explored his leadership style and gathered 360 feedback from his team. We shared tools that he used to structure his management approach: from how to frame his one-to-ones, to inspiring and motivating the team during team meetings.

The impact

  • More trust across the team leader to higher performance┬á
  • Fresh ideas to engage and motivate his team
  • Improved confidence in leadership capabilities
Between us we were able to look closely at a series of challenges I was then facing and decide upon pragmatic and realistic solutions I was then able to quickly, and successfully implement

Ian Bailey, Leader of Bath Office