Global leadership training with Schroders

The challenge

Since the pandemic, expectations around leadership have changed within hybrid or virtual teams. Schroders wanted to equip their managers with skills and tools to adapt to a changing work environment.

The solution

We worked closely with Schroders to build and deliver a global leadership programme that addressed these specific challenges, training leaders on how to build team resilience, create an inclusive culture and coach a high performing team. Ā 

The impact

said training "exceeded expectations"

leaders trained

hours of training


I have done many of these trainings in the last decade and I feel Higson manage to take a different, more humane and more practical approach to it! I have done so many of these as I always want to improve in that field and often didn't end up taking away much whereas you gave me new tools and made me think about things I could improve.

Emmanuelle Mathey, Co-CRO