Enhancing sales skills and team collaboration at Definely

The challenge

As a rapidly growing tech startup, Definely were welcoming new faces week in week out. They acknowledged that their business development team would benefit from a training programme which not only improves their sales performance, but also promotes core skills and behaviours that empowers them to perform at their very best.

The solution

Higson performed a thorough analysis of Definely’s culture and team, identified key growth areas and designed a holistic training programme alongside their senior leaders.  The themes of the workshops centred around how to adapt sales approach and engage customers, building individual resilience, and creating a collaborative team environment through sharing feedback.

The impact

The sales team at Definely now understand themselves, each other, and their clients better, and have gained a structured sales process that they can use to scale their team: “Not only has this allowed the team to tackle existing challenges with renewed confidence and purpose but it has fundamentally improved how we communicate internally.

recommend the training

We approached the team at Higson with the goal to help provide our growing business development team with the core expertise and soft skills to be successful in their roles. Everyone in the team, across all levels of experience, took away valuable learnings from the programme and gained actionable insights to take forward in their future interactions

Rhys Hodkinson, Chief Commercial Officer