Power of feedback at Blue Orchard

The opportunity

Blue Orchard are close-knit, international team working together effectively with a great culture around recognition. Blue Orchard leaders wanted to enhance personal development and improve collaboration by encouraging more difficult conversations and sharing more constructive feedback. The target outcome was to enable more effective conversations about performance.

The solution

In collaboration with the HR team, we designed a practical feedback workshop using tailored case studies. The session incorporated strategies to develop a feedback culture at Blue Orchard and how to frame and share feedback, taking into account cultural differences within their diverse team. Discussion of specific feedback scenarios and role plays of difficult conversations gave time to embed new behaviours and highlight best practice.

The impact

From the Blue Orchard leadership team: “The topic itself was very specific and necessary from a team leader position. I liked that we went into detail and examples”

would recommend the training to others

learnt tools they could put into practice to give honest feedback